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Leptokarya Dafni Hotels

The area of Pieria amazingly combines holiday to the sea and to the mountain.  It has got high development in tourism, with organized resorts along the  Thermaikos coasts, but also organized facilities for mountain activities on the Olympus.
It is characterized by large areas of green grass and trees, mainly on the mountain of the Gods, Olympus.

Leptokarya is found at the foot of Olympus, upon the waves of Aegean Sea.  It is worth to visit  its full of life beach, the Archaeology Area of Livithron and  the traditional village of Leptokarya.

In Pahteleimonas, there is the central square of Neos Panteleimonas with its traditional taverns and with a panoramic view,  the traditional village of Panteleimonas and its extremely beautiful coast.

In Platamonas, there is the castle of Platamonas and its glamorous beach.  In Neous Porous, the traditional village of Poros, the Delta of Pinior river and its wide sandy beaches.

Finally, you can visit in Scotina, the church of Christ in Kotres area ( with very significant fresco) of Ano Scotina,  the extremely beautiful beach and the  International Youth Center  “Olympus” and the mountain of Olympus itself that is worldwide known for its historical interest and its rate plants and animals.

You can have a full experience of the area staying at Dafni Leptokarya hotels.